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    Better management
  • ePUB3
    Better expression
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  • High security
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ePUB3 content delivery management cloud

visuamall BOOK SUITE BOOK SUITE is a cloud service which enables you to manage the batch delivery of multimedia content to various type of mobile devices in ePUB3, a global standard format for digital publishing.

Solve business issues with BOOK SUITE.

  • IssueManagement of processes from production to delivery is difficult.

    SolutionBetter management with the cloud

  • IssueContent has no impact

    SolutionMore expressive content with ePUB3

  • IssueAuthoring tools are expensive and difficult to operate.

    SolutionEasy to use web authoring tool

  • IssueConcerned about security issues such as illegal copying

    SolutionHigh security keeps the content safer.

Conceptual movie

* Please note the volume.


CloudBetter management

BOOK SUITE enables the intelligent operation for better management including batch delivery and update of content and destination group management with the dedicated cloud-based management system.

ePUB3Better expression

The service fully conforms to the ePUB3 next-generation Digital publishing standard. It makes the content much more expressive with multimedia using Web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3).

Web authoringEasy to use

The web-based authoring tool is included in BOOK SUITE. It enables you to produce sophisticated ePUB3 multimedia content easily through intuitive operation.

High securityBetter safety

A proven service with a full complement of security measures by Softbank provides a better security your business.

Use Cases

Digital publishing

Digital catalog

• Magazine
• Comic book
• Book
• Housing brochure
• Automobile catalog
• Catalog shopping

Digital flyers

Digital newsletters for members

• Mass retailer flyer
• Supermarket flyer
• Specialty store flyer
• Newsletter for credit card members
• Newsletter for reward card members
• Newsletters issued by organizations

Service overview

Content management ePUB conversion Authoring Destination group management Content delivery management Storage Content provider Member site (option)
(Member management, cart management, billing function)
Content viewers


Viewer apps

ePUB3 multimedia content can be viewed easily with iOS, AndroidTM, and Windows native apps

Various ePUB3 representations are supported.

  • VIDEO Video
  • 360° 360°image
  • ANIME Animation
  • AUDIO Audio data and
  • TEXT Vertical and
    horizontal text
  • PAGE Page turning
  • REFLOW Reflow display

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Authoring tool

The authoring tool enables you to produce ePUB3 multimedia content easily with a PC browser.

  • ePUB3 BOOK SUITE-dedicated ePUB3 content production tool
    Multimedia rich expressions
  • EASY Simple intuitive operations

CMS (content management system)

The content management system allows you to collectively manage the processes from content production to delivery management, which can improve work efficiency.

  • EASY Easy operation with a PC browser
  • CMS Collective delivery management with the CMS
  • DRM Content protection and control with DRM
  • LOG Log collection functions

Main functions

visuamall BOOKSUITE
Content production Authoring function
Animation function
Organization, editing, and page settings
Meta information settings
Content management Group delivery
Release period settings
Billing settings
Apps Content display by genre
Download type
Banner display
Coupon linkage
Security Data encryption on/off
Prevention of document theft
Log analysis Content view log
Page view log

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