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  • Multimedia
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  • Enhanced security

The Cloud for multimedia SMART creation & delivery

visuamall SMART CATALOG SMART CATALOG is a cloud service for corporations which enables you to manage Office and PDF documents with support for multimedia content, and deliver content to specified devices* securely with a dedicated management system in the cloud.
* Supports multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android™ devices, Windows tablets, and PCs (web browsers).

Solve business issues with SMART CATALOG.

  • IssueDifficult to replace and update materials.

    SolutionBetter management with the cloud.

  • IssuePaper catalogs are not as appealing.

    SolutionMore appealing catalogs with multimedia.

  • IssueWant to reduce cost of many types of product catalogs

    SolutionReduce cost with cross-device solution

  • IssueWorried about sharing highly confidential materials

    SolutionKeep materials safe with enhanced security.



Management of the sharing of PowerPoint and other Office documents and PDF documents with a dedicated cloud-based management system allows management including batch update, batch deletion, and release during the specified period, making business documents more manageable.


SMART CATALOG allows you to easily add multimedia content (video, audio, and HTML5 data) to PDF documents, which greatly improves the appeal of product catalogs and business materials.


Cross-device document sharing is possible, which leads to cost-cutting due to efficient work styles with no restrictions and paperless operations.

Enhanced securitySecure

A proven service with a full complement of security measures by Softbank, who have introduced smart devices to many corporations, can be securely implemented for your business.

Use Cases

Product catalogs

Internal manuals

• Sales brochures.
• Product catalogs used in stores
• Product catalogs used in showrooms
• Sales manuals
• Operation manuals
• Training manuals

Presentation tool

Internal document sharing tool

• Sales presentations
• Internal presentations
• Showroom presentations
• Sharing important meeting materials
• Sharing sales result materials
• Internal questionnaires

Service overview

Content registration Delivery management Multimedia production Destination group management Use log management Storage Company using SMART CATALOG PC browsers Content administrator Company using SMART CATALOG Multi-OS compatible viewer apps Content viewers

Viewer functions

Multi-OS compatible viewer applications

The Viewer app for viewing content is compatible with multiple OSs on the iPhone, iPad, Android™ devices, and Windows tablets. Content can be downloaded which allows the content to be viewed offline.
Supported OS
Viewer apps for iOS iOS8.0〜
Viewer apps for Android Android 4.0〜
Viewer apps for Windows tablets Windows8.1, Windows10
Viewer for browsers Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10 Mac OS
※Supported browsers:Internet Explorer9 or later, Google Chrome22 or later, and Safari6 or later

Click here to download app

Questionnaire function

  • Connect questionnaires with SMART CATALOG.
  • Real-time data collection, graph display, and CSV output on the PC management screen are possible.

Reviewing content

  • Contents can be reviewed with stars and comments by viewers who have permission to view the contents.
  • Viewers are also able to see the total number of downloading / or viewing of a content.

Notification function

Send notifications or mail to devices and registered addresses when content is created or modified.

Search, bookmark functions

Search for text from the entire content. Important pages can be bookmarked and jump to bookmarked pages from a list.

Send by e-mail and print on/off management

Send by e-mail and print features can be turned on or off for each content.

Content management system (CMS) functions

Content delivery management

Enables you to manage batch content delivery simply by uploading an Office document, PDF document, video, image, or music file from your PC’s browser to the cloud-based content management system(CMS).

Destination group management

Allows you to manage the content to be delivered for each group. Only the users registered with the specified group can view the content, which enables safe data sharing in organization units.

Log management

Can display content logs with the content management system(CMS). Can collect content download log sand viewing time logs for downloaded content for each device and save the logs in CSV file format.

Release period management

Allows you to set a content release period and thus enhance the security of the sharing management of important documents, since the content is deleted from the device once it expires.

Authoring function

Simple, browser-base doperation

Multimedia content can be easily produced using the GUI authoring tool which is accessed through the browser running on your PC.

Support of flexible layout

More expressive multimedia content with flexible image and video layout.

Main functions

Function Graphics type
Content production Authoring function
Type of original draft copy PDF
Video, BGM, still images Can be freely embedded
Setting of hyperlinks Can be freely set
Full-text search
Operation Drag & drop
Viewing Search, bookmark functions
Replay and viewing of video, images
Questionnaire function
Send by e-mail and print on/off management
Reviewing content
Substantial notification functions
Security Data encryption
Prevention of document theft
Supported media Video m4v, mov, mp4, mpg, wmv, m2t
Music mp3, wav
Documents PDF, Office documents, images
Viewing logs, etc.

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