Share information instantly.

  • Cloud
  • Social Networking
  • Simple video creation
  • Enhanced security

Sharing video on Cloud SNS



MOVIE LIBRARY is a social networking service for enterprises which enables you to share video easily.
Shooting, sharing and viewing are easily operated with specified application.

Also, fine delivery control makes sharing video safer.
 *Support multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, Android™ devices, Windows tablets and PCs(web browsers).

Solve business issues with MOVIE LIBRARY

  • IssueImage requires lead time
    to transfer accurate information

    SolutionMore instant
    with video sharing cloud

  • IssueLack of communication
    between organizations

    SolutionSocial Networking
    makes it interactive

  • IssueDifficult to creat movies

    SolutionMore appealing
    with simple video creation

  • IssueSecurity concern
    such as Illegal copying, etc.

    SolutionHigh security
    keeps files safer

Conceptual movie

※Please note the volume


Cloud Productive

Posting video easily by mobile devices, batch delivery is available any time, any videos.

Social Networking Interactive

Not only sharing videos but also reviewing & posting comment and sending private message are available.
Moreover, attaching document improves interactiveness.

Simple video creation Appealing

Specified application enables you to create full movie by connecting scenes with simple tap operation.
It makes video more expressive than unedited video.

High security Secure

All content is automatically encrypted.
Safe delivery is ensured by multiple security measures such as user authentication, IP access control, password request on each content.

Use cases

Sharing information in company


・Internal newsletter
・Executive message
・Communication between employees
・Sharing sales know-how
・On demand training

Operation report

Information for customer

・Device / equipment conditon
・Accident / disaster situation
・Construction / work field status
・Product explanation
・Public relations

Service overview

Content management Portal User management Transcoder Storage Social Using company PC browser Administrator Using company Viewing portal(multi-OS) Viewer Using company Shooting app Viewer Associated company Viewing portal(multi-OS) Guest user


Shooting application

Shooting application supports for iOS.
Connecting scenes with simple tap operation, it enables you to create expressive video compared with unedited video so easy.
Without professional skills or expensive equipments, anyone can create and deliver easily with smart device.


Click here to download app

Portal site

Multi device support
Portal site for viewing supports multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, Android™ devices, Windows tablets and PCs.
It displays optimum portal screen by automatically recognizing devices.

Live streaming(fee-based option)
Streaming your live videos to PCs, smartphones, tablets is available.
It enables you to share videos with no concern about additional fee as it is included for monthly billing.
* Not available to guest users.

Delivery management

Delivery content is managed by channels.
In order to keep content secure, only users belonging to the channel can watch video.
You can reduce effort for managing content by setting schedule of delivery. Content will be automatically unable to view after the end of the publication period.
Moreover, enhanced log acquiring such as user viewing status and popular content list is available.

Guest account

Content can be delivered to customer and associated companies by creating guest user which does not require user authentication.
*Part of functions is limited for guest user.


Main Functions

Main function MOVIE LIBRARY
Management portal
Management Dashboard
User / User group management
Content / Meta management
Channel / Category management
Basic information management
Delivery mode Live / On demoand
Operation Notification management
Comment management
Report management for administrator
Inquiry management
Playback log (play back date and time / content name)
Security User authentication
IP address limitation
(multiple IP is available)
Video content encryption
Content password setting
Materials Video wmv,avi,mpg,mpeg,mov,mp4,3gp,flv
Image jpg,jpeg,gif,png
(Except execution file such as exe,vbs,bat.)
Viewing / Posting Video playback
Video posting
Play history
Evaluation / Comment / Message
Reporting illegal video
Guest account
Shooting application
Shooting / Posting Video shooting
Video posting

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