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Cloud digital signage

visuamall QUICK SIGNAGE QUICK SIGNAGE is a cloud service which enables you to manage the batch delivery of multiple contents to various kind of client displays such as electronic POP and large stationary signage. It offers you a better management, simple and low cost operation for empowered appealing signage.

Solve business issues with QUICK SIGNAGE.

  • IssueDifficult to keep the contents always updated.

    SolutionBetter management with the cloud.

  • IssueConventional signage is less expressive.

    SolutionMore appealing signage with multimedia.

  • IssueIt takes time to change posters all over the country.

    SolutionTimely and agile information updates online.

  • IssueSignage installation cost is high.

    SolutionCompatibility with common mobile platform makes it simple and low cost.

Conceptual movie

* Please note the volume.



Content delivery management from a dedicated cloud-based management system enables you to easily manage the content delivery of digital signage of sizes ranging from electronic POP to large displays.


QUICK SIGNAGE enables you to express signage using video and other multimedia in addition to still images and a screen split function, which offers highly appealing digital signage.


QUICK SIGNAGE allows you to update the content online at a time from the cloud, which enables flexible and timely digital signage operation.


Tablets and other common devices can be used for digital signage according to the application, which can greatly reduce the installation and operation costs.

Use Cases

Tablet signage

Large stationary signage

• Signage for mass retailers
• Signage for supermarkets
• Signage for specialty stores
PC • Signage for stores
• Signage for sharing information in a company
• Signage for public facilities

Online electronic POP

Multimedia signage

• Electronic POP for supermarkets
• Electronic POP for drugstores
• Electronic POP for specialty stores
• Signage for stores
• Signage for transport facilities
• Signage for various types of facilities


The use of common devices allows
the implementation of low-cost, sophisticated signage.

High price Low cost Low function High function Signage-
photo frame
Electronic POP Multi-OS supporting
common devices
Cost reduction Made online. Positioning

Service overview

Content management Program management Schedule management Destination group management Delivery management Log management Headquarters Content administrator Base Stationary PC Tablet Destination signage devices Service overview

OS compatible depending on use case

Large stationary signage
(Windows apps)
Tablet signage
(iOS apps)
PC 利用シーンに応じたマルチOS端末対応

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Content display function

Split screens display multiple pieces of content simultaneously.

Landscape 16:9/three screens

Left: HTML Right: Image Bottom: Scrolling text
Left: Image Right: Image Bottom: Scrolling text

Portrait 9:16/three screens

Top: Image Middle: Video Bottom: Image

Content management function

Controller (tablet)

Controller • Content replay controller in the base
• External display output mode (HDMI mode)
• Content replay mode (POP mode)
• Overlay function (Creates text data and displays it on base signage.)

Content management system

Content management system • Registers content, and creates and edits programs.
• Creates and edits a timetable and schedule.
• Delivers programs and schedule.

Content management permissions

Three levels of content management permissions enable flexible operation.

Permission to manage and edit content
Overall content management, log management,
alert mails, content registration, and schedule management
Permission to edit content
Registration, change, and deletion of the content of a program roll to
which authority to change is granted, and schedule management
Permission to view content
Check of the display schedule for the base and change of display text
  • Headquarters
  • Branch office
  • Branch office
  • Branch office
  • Base
  • Base
  • Base
  • Base
  • Base
Content management authority

Schedule management

Content delivery can be flexibly managed in schedule frame units.

Timetable 10:00 20:00 Basic roll Basic roll Basic roll Repeated during
set period
Basic roll Frame A Frame B Frame C Content common to the whole country Content common throughout a base Shop-specific content Schedule management

Monitoring System

Monitoring System ●Dashboard
●Status Monitoring
●Email Alerts

Main functions

  Main functions QUICKSIGNAGE
Production and editing Production and editing of programs
Creation and editing of schedules
Delivery and release Automatic content delivery
Number of destination devices 5,000
Special program delivery
Advance delivery
Display and check of list of schedules
Delivery date and time specification
Status monitoring function
Remote update function
Program difference delivery
Operation Destination group management
Remote restart
Scheduled content replay
Status monitoring
Email Alerts
Delivery and replay log
(replay date and time/number of replays)
Authority Gradual editing authority

* Windows apps

Comparison of functions by OS

Function iOS apps Windows apps
OS version 7.0 or later 7 or later
Formats of content jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, pdf, mp4, mp3, and html
Layout Template
Screen split
Content update check and downloading Once every 5 minutes Once every 5 minutes
Content broadcasting
Content file encryption
Broadcasting log
External display connection
App restart
App installation AppStore
Automatic app start
Automatic app upgrade

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