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  • Cloud
    Better management
  • Communication carriers
    Improved stability with
    communication carrier
  • One source for
    multiple screens
    Better efficiency
  • Delivery with content
    Better safety

Video delivery cloud

visuamall STREAMING STREAMING is a video delivery cloud service which enables you to deliver customer's video content to multiple screens from a single source.

Solve business issues with STREAMING.

  • IssueWant to reduce delivery cost and time.

    SolutionBetter management with the cloud.

  • IssueConcerned about delivering large volumes of video data.

    SolutionImproved stability with communication carrier connections.

  • IssueFile conversion for each device is troublesome.

    SolutionImproved efficiency with single-source to multiscreen.

  • IssueConcerned about security issues such as illegal copying

    SolutionDelivery with content protection improves safety.


CloudBetter management

Customer's video content can be registered with the dedicated cloud-based management system and be centrally managed, which makes the operation of the video content including version control, and file update/deletion more manageable.

Communication carrier linesImproved stability

The delivery facility is built on a large-capacity backbone provided by Softbank, a communications carrier, to ensure the stable delivery of large-volume video content. In addition, the delivery facility and backbone are duplicated to make the video delivery quality more stable.

Single-source multiscreenBetter efficiency

A customer's video file can be delivered to multiple screens after being automatically encoded to an optimum format for each device in the cloud, which makes video delivery operation more efficient.

Delivery with content protectionBetter safety

Video content can be delivered securely with content protection, which makes the video delivery business for which the strict management of portrait rights and copyrights is required safer.

Use Cases

Delivering internal information videos

Delivering educational videos

• Message from top management
• Delivery to many bases
• Sales bulletin
• Employee training
• Cram and preparatory schools
• Correspondence course

Delivery videos to members

Delivery corporate information videos

• Newsletter
• Information delivery
• Seminar
• Product explanation
• Corporate PR
• Financial results

Service overview

Content delivery management Live/on-demand delivery Automatic encoding Content protection Storage Company using STREAMING Content administrator Destination devices iOS Android™ PC Content viewers


Live delivery

The live delivery service delivers live content such as event performances captured by a customer to PCs, "iPhone", "iPad", "iPad mini", and "Android™ devices".

To PCs

Delivery method :
Flash streaming
Media type :
Flash video

To "iPhone", "iPad", "iPad mini", and "Android™ devices"

Delivery mode :
HTTP live streaming, flash streaming
Media type :
H.264, flash video
Encoding rate :
Multi-bit rate delivery supported according to the line status

*Delivery with content protection is supported.

On-demand delivery

The on-demand delivery service delivers video content to PCs, "iPhone","iPad","iPadmini",and"Android™ devices" on demand.This service can deliver attractive video content with good impact to many Internet users in the optimum mode for individual users.

To PCs

Delivery mode :
Flash streaming
* In flash streaming mode, multi-bit rate delivery is supported.
Media type :
Shared encoder (specification settings)

To "iPhone", "iPad", "iPad mini", and "Android™ devices"

Delivery mode :
HTTP live streaming, flash streaming
Media type :
H.264, flash video
Encode rate: :
64 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps (Multi-bit rate delivery according to the line status)
Shared encoder (specification settings)

* Delivery with content protection is supported.

Integrated content management system

The integrated content management system provided by "STREAMING powered by visuamall" is designed to maximize the efficiency of a customer's content management.

Content management

Collectively manages video content. Allows you to set whether to release video content, grant administrator authority, view registered content, and perform other operations.

Content registration

Allows you to collectively upload a large amount of content using metadata as well as to upload content item by item.

Check usage

Enables you to check the content usage for each delivery method daily, weekly, and monthly and then download the logs in CSV file format.


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